Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 173!

Happy Tuesday!

Today will be another work day for your final projects. If you have already finished, that is great! Once you have finished working on your stories, please add the following to your books.

1. A title page to insert at the beginning of your book.
2. A reflection that answers the questions below to the end of your book.

Reflection Questions:

How did you feel about the revision process? What did you gain from the experience? What challenges did you face? How did you use your peers’ feedback to guide your decision making when it came to your revisions? Overall, what grade do you feel you deserve on this project and why?

Your final product will be evaluated based on the following "I Can" statements: 
  • I can create fully-developed original short fiction pieces that include all elements of fiction.
  • I can identify and utilize figurative language and sensory details in my short stories.
  • I can identify the difference between various types of point of view and use them in my writing.
  • I can develop strong primary and secondary characters in my short fiction stories.
  • I can strategically use dialogue in my short fiction stories to control pace, build character, and create conflict.
  • I can build inter-connected plot layers in my short fiction stories.
  • I can use my peers' feedback to guide my decision making process when making revisions.
  • I can identify what works well and what does not in my own writings as well as in others’.
  • I can analyze peer feedback to decide which skills I need to work on.
  • I can make significant revisions to writing based on peer feedback.