Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 175!


Today, IF you are done with your revisions and your reflection, I would like you to start on the introduction to your partner's project. This is meant to be a forward to your book- it should introduce the basics of the author's writing style, and should sell the book to the readers.

In 2-3 paragraphs, be sure you cover the following:

  • Include a brief summary of the works included
  • Provide a brief introduction to some of the characters
  • Highlight the common themes of the stories included
  • Discuss the strengths of the writer's style
  • Make your readers want to read
Here is the example from my book: 

"   A chimney sweep, a magic ring, and a little girl who aspires to be a princess ninja: all these and more exist in harmony within the mind of Bailey Loebig and are recorded here in a collection of four enchanting stories. Within Bailey's fiction, which ranges from haunting to purely entertaining, we learn that all things are not as they appear. The charming voice of a child reveals a dark truth from the past, and a little bit of musical magic is discovered by a young woman who suddenly finds herself thrust into the real world of adulthood. 
     In these pages, you will meet Emmalina, a budding musical prodigy whose adventure might cause you to reconsider what you have learned about Mozart. You will also encounter a retired chimney sweep, but not the sort that fans of a certain movie-musical might expect, and you'll enter the mind of an excited young trick-or-treater about to experience Halloween in the dark for the first time. 
    It is Bailey's matter-of-fact humor that will stick with readers long after the covers of this collection are closed. Through her subtle wit, the lines between the realistic and the magical blur, and the innocence of children and the fears and trials of adults meld together, helping us find the child within us and uncover magic in our own lives."